Internal cleaning tankers and tank container

Nov 10, 2016

Rubino Transport entrusts the internal washing of their tankers and their tank container to the group company called Transiberiana Servizi srl.
Transiberiana Servizi srl specializes in:
– Cleaning and remediation
– Steam heating
– Storage Services

Transiberiana Services is a center specializing in cleaning and remediation of internal tanks using high pressure water jets and steam, steam heating tank containers. Our latest generation of cleaning station is able to perform, in just a few minutes, a cleaning cycle and sterilization at high temperatures of tank containers, tankers in general, and powder-carrying silo trailers The system is equipped with rotating heads for the perfect cleaning of large spaces with a flow rate of 170 l/min at 110 bar pressure, and a temperature of up to 85°C. The cleaning is carried out with fully regulated and suitable detergents certified for food use. In addition, Transiberiana Services ensures optimal sterilization in accordance with the law through the production and inflow of water vapor. The cleaning steps are completed by the sealing of the upper openings and the rear outlet. Transiberiana Services is the only cleaning and sterilization station in Puglia with the use of a technologically advanced facility. The company is located in the territory of Monopoli near Highway 16, a major road connecting the major towns of the Adriatic coast and many other towns.


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